Human perception patterns are normally focused on the front view. The “rear” in the struggle of surviving seems less important of attention and focus, so, most of time by default, we overlook it.It is a behaviour caused by physiology and imprinting. Offering a new visual approach to a reality that usually we take for granted (“making visible what is considered invisible”) is for sure one of the paramount goals of Contemporary Art.  This works underscore a very simple fact: the forgotten side of any phenomenon could have (and actually it has) an equal importance: backyard on the same pedestal of the front door, far-flung places at the same mental distance of the local shop, the rear legs no less interesting than the front ones.

“I CAN NOT MAKE HEADS OR TAILS OF IT” art project actually plays his game changing the usual direction one is normally used to give to the shape of asymmetric animals and objects. A couple of identical objects are halved along the transversal (axial) plane and after reassembled in a perfect manner but using the “wrong” pieces.The front and the rear come up in the wrong (or ambiguously in a “too-right”) position. Heads cope with heads, tails with tails. What should move forward can not do it because of a generous excess of "towardness". On the other side the rears push strongly against each other compressing the body in unexpected formal shapes. Every single work is made always of a couple of “imperfect twins”. Imperfection is here apotential source of knowledge and awareness.

Several techniques and media are involved: white terraglia, Candoglia white marble, drawings on paper, modified vehicles and objects (improved ready-made).